PROTECH Physical Security Equipment PROTECH Physical Security Equipment
PROTECH Physical Security Equipment PROTECH Physical Security Equipment

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PROTECH, the leader in physical security equipment business in the Philippines, offers a complete line of safes and vault doors ranging from protection of documents and valuables of business and homes to the requirements of the bank industry and financial institutions.

PROTECH is the first Filipino manufacturing corporation to mass produce Home Safes and provide the market with Computer Data Safes.

PROTECH serves 95% of the safe deposit box requirement of the banking and hotel industries and exports to Hong Kong and Singapore. Marketing under the brand names PROTECH and FORTRESS, the company manufactures over 40 different models of security equipment, a product mix much more varied than any of the local competitors.



Burglar and Fire Resisting Safe

  • Designed and constructed to resist and withstand a wide range of attack weapons, such as cutting disc, electric jack hammer, oxy-acetylene torch, pneumatic or hydraulic jack and small charge of explosives.
  • New relocking device sensitive to heat and penetrating tools
    PROTECH Home Safe does the Job!
    Learn how PROTECH safe survived
    this fire in PASAY. Read more
    PROTECH is the leading distributor of safe and security equipment in the Banking Industry.
    Check out the list of Banks Served by PROTECH.