PROTECH Physical Security Equipment PROTECH Physical Security Equipment
PROTECH Physical Security Equipment PROTECH Physical Security Equipment
High-security Lock Types
S & G
2-Movement Time Lock
Electronic Time Delay Lock
2-Movement Time Lock
3-Movement Time Lock
T52 Electronic Time Delay Lock
Hybrid Electronic Combination Lock

S & G  Electronic Time Delay Lock


  • Motorized electronic combination lock designed to open faster and easier, while bringing a higher level of security to any safe application.
  • A six-digit combination code opens the lock quickly.
  • You have the flexibility of a master code and up to eight different user codes
  • Battery powered for 8,000 worry-free openings per set of 9V alkaline batteries
  • Virtually unpickable due to the sheer number of possible codes.
  • Can be retrofitted to most safe application
  • Programmable master code that opens the lock
  • Option of adding up to 8 additional user codes.
  • Each code is 6 digits and can be personalized for each user.
  • Codes can easily be added, deleted or changed 1,000,000 possible code 02 options.
  • Physical attacks trigger an internal relocker, keeping the lock bolt secured.
  • Programmable time delay discourages hold-ups
  • The master codes controls additions and deleting of users, and time-delay feature.
  • Four (4) wrong-code entries cause the lock to freeze out unauthorized users for 15 minutes.
  • Static electricity, vibration or voltage attacks will not open the lock.
  • Provides positive sight and sound feedback to confirm operations.
  • Open period: 2 minutes.
  • 144 Maximum hour setting

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