PROTECH Physical Security Equipment PROTECH Physical Security Equipment
PROTECH Physical Security Equipment PROTECH Physical Security Equipment
90mm CASH Vault Door
115mm CASH Vault Door
150mm CASH Vault Door
RECORDS Vault Door

90MM, 115MM and 150MM VAULT Doors


The PROTECH 115mm (4.5") vault door combines superb design and workmanship with the high level of security to meet the challenging needs of the banking industry.


Over door frame:
1200mm x 2070mm (47-1/4" x 81-1/2")

Clear opening :    
806mm x 1905mm  (31-3/4" x 75 ")



  • DOOR - The solidly constructed doors are designed to resist cutting disc, electric jack hammer, oxy-acetylene torch and pneumatic or hydraulic devices
  • STANDARD LOCKING - Four 4-wheel combination locks each capable of 100,000,000 code changes. The upper two locks operate as locking for the door, while the lower two locks allow access to the vault in case one or both the upper lock fail to function
  • ALTERNATIVE LOCKING - Three 4-wheel combination locks assigned separately to three officers but any two can open the vault door. The alternative locking also allows access to vault when a combination lock or time lock malfunctions.
  • BOLTWORK - Lockcase is fitted with sixteen (16) 38mm locking bolts: eight (8) moving bolts and eight (8) fixed bolts on the hinge side. These sixteen locking bolts are designed to resist explosive attacks.
  • RELOCKING DEVICE - Additional protection is provided by two independent relocking devices sensitive to heat, forcing tools and explosives.
  • EMERGENCY VENTILATOR - Emergency ventilator integrated on the door frame allows passage of air, food and water and communication with people deliberately or accidentally locked inside.
  • GRILLE GATE - Standard heavy-duty grille gate secured by one keylock
  • FINISH - Stainless steel cladding or painted finish.
  • OPTIONAL TIMELOCK - To prohibit access to the vault after office hours, a timelock can be fitted if desired.


Approx. Wt.        1345 Kg. (Gross)   1250 Kg. (Net)

Crate                   2.20 M x 1.375 M x 0.575 M

Cubic                   1.70 M

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